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Title: Flugzeuge Im Bauch:  The Wedding
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17... maybe
Word count: 5 000-ish
Summary: A wedding invitation from across the ocean takes Jared back to Germany.
Disclaimer: So very not real. Imagine that.
A/N: I strongly recommend you to never EVER say the words "Fix my fic." to [livejournal.com profile] maichan808 . A tiny angry Asian woman turning into Hulk is not a pretty picture. This is for her. It's also for [profile] not_refined  who's the best cheerleader one could possibly have and who kept writing me most adorable pieces in exchange for bits of this. Lastly, this is for [livejournal.com profile] smoothbelgian  who never said this whole thing was a pile of rubbish even though I fully expected her to. That means a lot.

FLUGZEUGE IM BAUCH: PART 1  PART 2 (Should be read first or the timestamp will make no sense.)

To his credit, Jared considers dress shopping for a full minute. He ends up packing a dark gray suit in the end. The tie he brings is pink, though.

He’s nervous. He’s nauseous. There’s a very real possibility of vomiting as he and Megan board the plane. It reminds him a great deal of the first time he held a ticket to this very destination in his hand. Once again he doesn’t know what to expect at the other side of the ocean.

There’s a voice inside of his head that mocks him, tells him he’s delusional. It tells him that five years is a long time, time in which people change, grow up, grow out of things … And people, it adds an afterthought. But there’s a louder voice coming from his heart. And it hopes.

Megan is excited. She makes him retell the epic story of his visit five years ago for the thousandth time during their flight. He deliberately avoids talking about Jensen. She gives him a few odd side glances when she picks up on it, but she doesn’t insist. She just steadies his hand when he starts tapping it on his knee nervously as they’re about to land.

Danneel picks them up in Frankfurt. They’re staying with her and Josh this time. Their old apartment is gone, exchanged for a two-story house. It makes sense, what with two children and all, yet Jared can’t help but to feel something resembling mourning for the loss of the room that held a special place in his box of memories.

Two words from Danneel’s mouth, bachelorette and party, are enough for the girls to squee Jared’s ears off. For the rest of the drive he’s being completely ignored in favour of planning what to wear. He doesn’t mind. It gives him an opportunity to be alone with his thoughts.

“Holy fuck, you’ve grown!” Josh exclaims in greeting upon their arrival home.

“Could be you’re just getting old and shrinking,” Jared retorts and engulfs Josh into a bearhug. It’s all it takes for Jared to feel right at home.

There’s no time for catching up at that moment because the twins demand their due attention, feeling neglected in the presence of the two strangers. In almost no time they take to their giant smiley uncle and Jared’s heart melts a little at Amber’s nonsensical rambling that never ceases, while Ashley just soaks everything up, all wide eyes and toothy grin.

It’s only after the kids have been tucked safely into their beds that the grown ups get the chance to sit down and catch up.

“They’re adorable,” Megan says and it’s not sucking up, she really means it.

“And a handful,” Danneel says, but she’s smiling, evidently pleased.

“All right, serious business talk,” Josh says suddenly and Jared looks at him questioningly. “Tomorrow night, man. Bachelor party.”

Danneel groans. “Here we go,” she says mock annoyed.

“Shut it, woman,” Josh sounds amused. “A man is giving up his freedom. A farewell to it is in order.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” she replies already getting up. “Come, Meggie, I wanna show you my dress.”

As they leave the room - and Jared suspects they’re up to something more in lieu of gossiping than mere dress showing - Josh turns back to him and announces: “Tomorrow night we’ll party like it’s 1999.”

“Wow,” Jared says in an awe. “You really are old.”

“Fuck you,” Josh replies playfully. “Actually, I should probably leave that to-” He pauses suddenly. “To- to someone else,” he finishes awkwardly. They fall into uncomfortable silence. Jared wants nothing more than to ask about Jensen, but somehow he can’t make himself say “And speaking of, how is Jensen?” Instead, he clears his throat and says: “So… the party?”

“Yeah,” Josh recovers. “I don’t actually know the details because Chad refuses to give anyone anything specific.”

“What do you mean, Chad refuses? Shouldn’t you guys be organising it?”

“Yeah… no. Apparently, he ‘doesn’t trust us with it’. So he’s setting it up himself. According to him, a bunch of ‘old married men and flaming homos’ aren’t capable of throwing a bachelor party for Chad ‘Mayhem’ Murray.”

Josh throws his hands in the air and rolls his eyes. Jared laughs.

“Should’ve known,” he says. “So what you’re saying is that we’re in for a surprise orchestrated by Chad?”

“Pretty much, yes,” Josh nods solemnly.

“Should I be scared?”

“If my bachelor party is anything to go by, I’d say very,” Josh grins.

“All right,” Jared considers for a minute, then adds: “Any word of advice?”

“Tonight, before you go to sleep, pray he stays away from small animals.”

Jared really didn’t expect to spend half of the night awake in his bed thinking about Chad.


They have lunch at Jared’s aunt’s, dropping the twins there while they’re at it. Megan oohs and aahs at the floral arrangement pictures and mother of the bride’s outfit. Jared finds it hard to even eat, let alone participate in the conversation. No one’s mentioned Jensen yet, but he’s certain he’s going to see him tonight.

He jumps off his chair before Danneel even finishes saying it’s time for them to go get ready. Megan elbows him in the ribs and whispers: “Eager much?” He doesn’t dignify her with an answer.

Jared feels more stupid with every new combination of clothes he puts on. He’s aware that whether he wears a blue shirt or a green one will make no difference to… uh, anyone. He goes with green and it’s not because Sandy once may have said something about green bringing his eyes out. Honestly, it’s not.

Around 8 o’clock Danneel and Megan get on their way to Sophia’s. Josh and Jared head to the bar that’s been set as a meeting point. It’s the same place where Jared had first met Jensen, but it’s been through a few owners since then. Jared can tell because it’s not red anymore. Now it’s orange.

When they arrive, Chad’s already there with two guys Jared doesn’t know. One’s got long, dirty blond hair and a few extra pounds. The other is really… well, bald.

“Who’s the bald guy?” he whispers to Josh as they make their way.

“Chad’s best man, Mike. Try to avoid eye contact,” Josh replies in kind, and suddenly Jared’s nervous for more than one reason.

“Jared!” Chad belows over the music and across the room. “Get your huge ass over here, princess!” He’s already wasted, possibly something else in addition. For some unfathomable reason, he’s wearing a Hawaiian shirt with a lei around his neck, and his drink is toxic green with an umbrella. Jared really doesn’t want to know the how or why. He’s just truly happy to see him, but not so much to start crying, like Chad apparently is.

“I’m so happy you’re here!” Chad throws himself at Jared as soon as he’s within reach.

“Good to see you, too, Chad,” Jared says patting him on the back. He’s not drunk enough for an intoxicated Chad yet, but decides to rectify it, effective immediately. Chad makes him have a shot of something suitably called a purple nurple and to his surprise, he actually likes it.

Two shots and a beer later the door to the bar opens. He notices because he’s been throwing glances at it about every thirty seconds or so. His heart skips a beat. It’s Jensen.

Jared’s been telling himself that he’s probably built Jensen up way to much, that reality cannot possibly match the idealised picture he’s created in his mind. Standing here now, watching Jensen getting closer, the image in his head looks like a faded copy of what’s before him. Years have been kind to Jensen. He’s built, but not overly so; his hair is perfectly spiked in that careless way that doesn’t give away the time spent on making it so; there are lines around his eyes that somehow only make them shine more brightly.

Jared can point out the exact moment Jensen sees him. His eyes go wide and he trips in the attempt to stop, turn and run, and continue walking at the same time. Josh must notice it too, because he casually says: “Oh yeah, he didn’t know you’d be here.”

Jared feels trapped, set up, because any second now Jensen will be right in front of him and he’s only now realising he’s got no idea what to say or how to act. Then it dawns on him that the guy behind Jensen looks familiar as well. It’s Chris, and Jared can’t help but feel a well known stab of jealousy. He gets irrationally angry with himself for being such an idiot. Did he really expect Jensen would be single for all this time? (Or since the divorce. Whatever.) He remembers too vividly Chris’ arm behind Jensen’s back and wants to hit his head against the nearest wall. Stupid stupid stupid keeps echoing in his head as he puts on what he hopes is a friendly smile and not a pained grimace.

Jensen seems to have recovered as well because he hugs Chad and apparently tells him something hilariously funny, judging by the way Chad throws his head back and howls with laughter. Then again, he could’ve just said hi, and Chad is simply that drunk. Jensen shakes hands with Mike and (turns out) Steve when Chad exclaims: “Oh Jenny boy, did you see who’s here? It’s Jared!”

If there was any hope this wouldn’t be uncomfortable, it’s out of the window now. With all eyes on them, Jensen turns to him. For a second they just stand there staring at each other. Then Jensen snaps out of it, extends his hand for Jared to take, and says: “Hi, Jay… red. It’s good to see you again.”

Jared looks at him unblinkingly for a moment, then forces out: “Yeah… uh… you- you, too.” And that’s that. Jensen turns away from him and engages into a conversation with Chris and Steve.


“All right, bitches!” Chad yells deviously. “To the Chadmobile!”

Jared’s drunk. He’s been drinking non-stop since the moment Jensen turned away from him, so Chad’s voice comes to him through the alcoholic haze. He’s drunk, but not drunk enough to let Chad drive him anywhere and he firmly states so.

“Don’t be a pussy, princess,” Chad says grinning maniacally. “Besides, I’m not driving. The limo is.”

There really is a limo outside waiting for them. The huge sign on its side indeed says Chadmobile. They climb in without order and Jared ends up pressed against Jensen’s side. He can feel every inch of Jensen’s thigh against his throughout the ride but Jensen doesn’t acknowledge his presence, not with a look, not with a word.

Jared’s too aware of Jensen being right there, so much so he can’t bring himself to pay attention to anything else that surrounds him. When everyone around him cheers, he has no idea what the reason is. He follows everyone out when the car stops and finds himself inside of a casino. They’re led into a private room with two tables, one set for a game of poker and the other for roulette. The dealers are gorgeous, half-naked girls. So are the three waitresses that greet them holding trays with glasses of champagne and scotch. Jared’s vaguely relieved there’s nothing purple in sight - apart from Chad’s shirt, of course.

They’re handed a pile of chips each and Jared decides to take his to the roulette table. As he sits down, one of the girls tries to get in his lap. She doesn’t seem to take his no seriously, just giggles and proceeds to climb atop him. She finally receives the message when he grabs her wrists none too gently and slurs: “Look, I ‘preciate it, but I don’ sw’ng tha’ way.” She looks puzzled for a second, then lets her professional smile slips back into place.

“Pity,” she says, and Jared couldn’t care less if she really means it.

“I could get someone more to your liking, if you will,” she offers.

“No, thanks,” he mutters and turns back to the table and his drink. To his surprise, he finds the glass to be empty and wastes no time getting another one.

Behind his back he can hear the rest of the gang getting louder and more obnoxious with every passing minute. Chad yells: “Read ‘em and weep, bitches!” There’s a shrill of encouragement coming from the girls. He turns around just in time to see Chad licking his index finger and his pinky to slick his eyebrows. He slaps the nearest girl’s thigh and orders the dealer to deal them in. Shifting his eyes a little, Jared meets Jensen’s eyes. Immediately, he turns back to his game and yet another drink.

The chair next to him gets pulled out and someone slides in. A floral pattern dances at the periphery of his vision as Chad throws an arm around his shoulders.

“You’re awfully antisocial, princess,” Chad says sounding too sober to Jared’s ears. “Don’t you wanna come play with the big boys?”

“Not really,” Jared mumbles, too aware of what he sounds like and completely unable to do anything about it.

“Because you prefer being a sulky brat in your corner over here? It’s my damn party you’re fucking up, man.” Chad actually sounds hurt instead of resentful and Jared really, really hates himself because of it.

“Chad…” he starts, then pauses. “Uh… sorry, man. Yeah… lemme jus’ get some air for a minute, ‘kay?”

“All right, princess,” Chad says magnanimously. “You go powder your nose or whatever it is that you ladies do in there, but then I expect you to snap out of it and be your usual sparkly self. We’re just getting started here, bitch!”

Jared smiles involuntarily. It’s impossible not to. Then he excuses himself to the restroom followed by Chad’s promise (resembling a little too much to a threat to Jared’s liking) to come and drag him back if he doesn’t return in ten.

He feels a bit dizzy and considers throwing up for a minute or two, but ends up just splashing his face with cold water. When he lifts his head up, a pair of green eyes meet his in the mirror. He doesn’t turn around, just watches, bracing himself against the sink, squeezing the edge so hard his knuckles go white.

He can read the unease on Jensen’s face. The silence is just on this side of unbearable and he almost decides to break it when Jensen says: “I should’ve come.”

Jared exhales loudly, letting out the breath he didn’t know he was holding and turns around. In an instant their mouths collide, teeth clashing, Jensen’s hand tugging his hair painfully, sink jabbing into the small of his back. His legs part as he grabs Jensen’s ass and pulls him closer.

It feels like they’ve only said goodbye yesterday, and it feels as if eons have passed. It’s Jensen in his arms, his familiar shape, but there’s more of him to hold, his arms stronger, his belly just a little bit softer. Jared soaks it all in, along with the deep, dark scent of Jensen’s aftershave mixed with the remnants of the cigar smoke and a faint smell of sweat on Jensen’s neck. It’s the same but it’s different - a little strange, a little better.

“Jared…” Jensen pants.

“Fuck!” Jared swears as he tugs on Jensen’s shirt. “Off,” he orders and Jensen stops roaming all over his body for just enough time to tear his shirt off and then he’s back to biting his neck and sucking on his collar bone, leaving bruises behind him like a trail of conquests.

Jared struggles with Jensen’s belt buckle, then manages to open it and slides a hand in. Jensen’s hard and hot under his palm, slick with precome dripping from the head. He jerks him roughly, frantically - there’s no time for finesse. Jensen grips his arms and presses his face into Jared’s neck letting out short, strangled moans. When he comes a few seconds later, he bites the flesh of Jared’s shoulder to muffle the cry that threatens to escape his throat.

Jensen doesn’t move for a little while, then slides down Jared’s body. Jared panics briefly, thinking Jensen collapsed, but gets reassured when Jensen very deliberately opens his fly and pulls his dick out. In a single move he swallows him down and Jared throws his head back.

“God,” he breathes. “Fuck, Jensen… please…” he begs not knowing for what. He looks down and the sight of Jensen’s lips around him is enough to push him over the edge. Jensen licks him clean, then comes up to kiss him.

They make out lazily, grinning into each other’s mouths when the door opens and Chad’s head peaks in. He has a hand over his eyes but his fingers are spread wide and his left eye is looking straight at them.

“All right, cock lovers, get your asses out of here if you can still move. We’re ready to roll!”

Obediently, they follow.


When the Chadmobile stops at the next point on their itinerary, Jared pulls Chad to the side.

“Chad,” he says, not quite believing he has to point it out. “It’s a strip club.”

“I know,” Chad beams at him. “Awesome, yes/yes?” He actually names the multiple answers options like that. “I figured you losers might get me a stripper. A stripper. Chad ‘Mayhem’ Murray needs more than one stripper on the last night of his freedom.”

“It’s naked women, Chad,” Jared tries again.

“Exactly,” Chad pumps his hand in the air. Some things never change.

“Do you not see what I’m aiming at here?” Jared asks incredulously, but the point Jared’s trying to make hits Chad only when Jensen comes and slides his arm around Jared’s waist.

“Oooh,” Chad says finally. “Right.”

“Yes,” Jared nods. “There you go.”

“But… naked women!” Chad actually pouts, bottom lip quivering on top of it.

“Heaven forbid we deny you your share of naked women, Chad,” Jensen intercepts the tears that are threatening to roll down Chad’s cheek. Jared makes a mental note of asking to be taught this particular skill. Looks like it might come handy. “We were just wondering,” Jensen continues carefully, “if we could maybe, possibly, in any way be… excused?”

“Are you asking me to grant you leave from my bachelor party so you can have the buttsex instead?” Chad squints at them, all evil and no tears whatsoever all of a sudden.

“No!” Jared protests fiercely, blushing hard.

“Yes,” Jensen says firmly at the same time.

“I would never stand in the way of getting some,” Chad says solemnly, hand pressed across his heart. “Go and fornicate, my children. You have my blessing.”

“I think Chad might have ruined me for sex forever more,” Jared says as he’s getting into Jensen’s car.

“I think I might be able to help you with that,” Jensen replies with a wicked grin. When he puts it like that, Jared finds it hard not to believe him.


Jared wakes up to an empty apartment. He gets out of bed and wanders off to the living room. He’s greeted by Jensen’s note saying he went to get breakfast and in the kitchen there’s a pot of freshly made coffee. He’s pouring himself a cup when Jensen’s phone goes off. The machine takes the call and a male voice comes through: “Hey, it’s me. So you’ll pick me up at 3 tomorrow, yeah? Wanna do something tonight maybe? Call me.”

Jared stares at the phone, cup forgotten midway to his mouth. He can’t breathe. He can’t think past I’ve got to get out of here. He fishes his phone out of his pocket, dials a number with numb fingers. Danneel picks up on the second ring.

“Hey, Jay! You up already? I heard you had a big night.” He can clearly hear the smirk in her voice.

“Danny,” he chokes out. “Please come pick me up. At Jensen’s.” The last part is barely a whisper. “Please… just hurry.”

“Jared?” she asks insecurely, all worry, none of the amusement left in her voice. “Are you all right? What happened? Did… did he hurt you?”

“I’m fine. I just… I gotta get outta here.”

“I’m on my way. I’ll be there as soon as possible.” With that she hangs up, and there’s nothing Jared can do but wait.

Next he hears the door being unlocked and Jensen comes in, smiles brightly as he notices him.

“Hey, you. Why are you up? I was gonna bring you…” He stops midsentence as he takes in the expression of Jared’s face. “Jared? What’s going on?”

“Check your messages,” Jared says flatly.

“My messages? Why?” Jensen asks incredulously.

“Humour me,” he demands.

Thoroughly confused, Jensen does what he’s asked. When the message plays out, he turns back to Jared, face torn between relieved and uncomfortable.

“Jared,” he begins, “that’s not… I mean… it’s not what you think.”

“Oh really? So you’re not dating this guy?”

“No! Well, yes, but… we’re not… It’s not serious.”

“Funny,” Jared says bitterly. “That’s actually the one thing I believe coming from you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Is anything ever serious with you?” Jared tries really hard to keep his calm. “I know I sure as hell wasn’t. For fuck’s sake, you got married and it wasn’t serious!”

“That’s really low,” Jensen says averting his eyes.

“Unlike cheating on your boyfriend? Yeah, you’re the one to talk.”

“Jared,” Jensen said exasperatedly, “if you’d just let me explain…”

“You’d say what?” Jared cuts him off. “That it’s complicated? That I don’t understand? You know what? Save it. I don’t wanna hear it. I’m not a kid anymore, and newsflash - neither are you. So you might wanna stop acting like it. Or, you know, whatever. Not my business anyway. Goodbye, Jensen.” With those words he’s out of the door.

“Yeah, why don’t you run away again, Jared? ‘Cause that’s really fucking mature!”

He can hear Jensen yelling after him but he doesn’t turn back. He fears he might hit him if he does. He gets to the street just as Danneel pulls over. “Just drive,” he says as he gets in, and she does.


“You want me to kick his fairy ass?” is the first thing Chad says when Jared answers his phone.

“Chad,” Jared says reasonably, “you’re getting married tomorrow. Today is not the day to be kicking anyone’s ass.”

“Dude, I can totally kick his ass today without it interfering with me getting hitched tomorrow. I’m just that awesome.”

“You wouldn’t be so awesome if you ended up in the hospital.”

Jared can’t believe he has to be the reasonable one in this conversation when he kind of wants to kick Jensen’s ass, too. His own as well, only not as much.

“Hey!” Chad shrieks resentfully. “There’s no way that pansy would put me into the hospital!”

“Jensen wouldn’t. Sophia most definitely would.”

“Oh,” Chad deflates instantly. “That.”

“Yeah, that. So no ass kicking, please. It’s not that big of a deal anyway. Let’s focus on the important thing here which would be your wedding. Remember? The reason I flew over here?”

Chad snorts. “Right. That’s exactly why you’re here.”

“Fuck you,” Jared says without heat. He doesn’t need to fight a battle already lost.

“No thanks,” Chad says reflexively. After a brief pause he adds: “But if you need anything else, you know, something that doesn’t involve anyone’s dick up anyone’s ass…”

“Yeah, I know,” Jared says softly. “Thanks, man. Now go get that hangover out of your system and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Damn straight, bitch. Don’t forget, pink dress.”

Jared’s smiling as he hangs up. Maybe tomorrow won’t be that bad.


It’s not. Not until after the wedding, anyway.

Chad and Sophia decided they’d have a civil ceremony, mostly because Sophia never cared for religion much, but also because having the groom smitten by the hand of God, as he stepped across the threshold of the church, would probably affect the mood of the event significantly.

Sophia looks incredible in a strapless ivory dress, with her hair up, adorned with a single orchid. Chad squints even more than usual as she glides down the aisle, and Jared suspects it has got less to do with the lighting and more with the vision that she presents.

Jared’s told later that it was a beautiful ceremony. He cannot say for himself as the whole thing was in German.

Afterwards, they wait for the newlyweds to come out to be showered with rice. He’s got Megan hanging off his arm like an over-sized purse. That is, if he were to carry a purse, which he does not. She elbows him hard in the ribs and whispers: “Check out the ass on that guy.”

He does and he has to agree, it’s pretty spectacular. Then again, what part of Jensen isn’t? Damn him and his tailored suits. Jared swallows and turns away, but not before he notices that Jensen’s standing with Chris and Steve and that neither of the two looks like they’re actually with Jensen. He distinguishes the spark of hope that flickers inside of him immediately by telling himself that the me from Jensen’s phone could very well be around here somewhere, greeting someone he knows or getting their car, for instance. He isn’t going to allow himself to go there again.

“Come on,” he tells Megan, dragging her away in the opposite direction. “I can see Josh waving to us.”

Jared makes a conscious effort to not allow himself to search for Jensen. It’s a pretty big wedding so it’s not such a hard task. He catches a sight of him every now and then, of course, but they’re not seated at the same table or anywhere near, really, so Jared actually manages to have a pretty good time. He dances with Megan and Danneel, even takes the twins for a twirl before Josh takes them back to his parents’ for the night. It’s almost midnight when Megan drags him to the dance floor once again. He’s pretty tired by then but he indulges her anyway. She’s commenting on some girl’s dress when there’s a hand tapping her shoulder.

“Do you mind if I cut in?” Jensen asks a little nervously.

“Yes, I do,” Jared grits through his teeth.

“I was actually asking the lovely lady here,” Jensen flashes her with his most charming grin.

She giggles, the traitor. “No, I don’t,” she says as she steps back. “Be my guest.” Jared is so going to make her pay for this.

“What do you think you’re doing, Jensen?” he hisses as Jensen slides his arm around his waist.

“Dancing with the hottest guy in the room, obviously,” Jensen replies, a small smile playing on his face as he spins them around.

“I’m only allowing this because I don’t think Sophia would appreciate me making a scene at her wedding.” And because you smell like something I would like to eat, possibly live in, his treacherous inner voice adds.

“Ah, but imagine how much would Chad approve,” Jensen retorts playfully. Jared tries really hard not to smile, but the corner of his lips curls against his will.

“Don’t you think your date would have something to say about this?” he tries again, while he fights the urge to pull Jensen closer.

“I think my date is perfectly happy making friends with your date,” Jensen jerks his head to one side. Jared follows the motion with his eyes only to find Megan talking to a vaguely familiar girl.

“You remember Mac, right?” Jensen grins at him.

“Wait,” Jared’s honestly confused. “You brought your sister?”

“Are you judging me? You brought your sister, too.”

“No, that’s not what… What about the guy who called, Jensen? Where does that leave him?”

“Out of the picture,” Jensen says suddenly serious. “There’s no guy, Jared. There hasn’t been a guy from the moment I saw you again a couple of nights ago. I’ve been an idiot,” he says as he stills in place and looks him straight in the eyes. “But I’ve been given a second chance. At least I hope so. And I have no intention of screwing it up again if… if that’s okay with you.” His expression turns to hopeful. “Is it? Is it okay with you, Jared?”

Jared feels like he’s been hit in the head with a flying object. He realises it’s because that’s exactly what’s happened. Sophia apparently threw her bouquet straight into him. He ignores the outburst of laughter it induces as he stares into Jensen’s earnest face. Then he makes a decision.

“Yes,” he breathes. “It’s more than okay with me.”

Then Jensen is pulling his head down and kissing him there, in the middle of the dance floor, for everyone to see. There are whistles, catcalls, and even some applause. Over the din he can hear Chad’s voice yelling as he and Sophia take off for their honeymoon: “You caught the bouquet, means you’re next, princess!” He flips him off behind Jensen’s shoulder, grinning stupidly into his mouth.

“We really doing this?” he asks still a little incredulous.

“We’re really doing this,” Jensen confirms and seals it with his lips.


EPILOGUE (this time really)

“I need you guys to behave, okay?” Jared says in his most business-meaning voice. “No jumping him the moment he steps in, no freaking him out, and absolutely NO biting.”

Sadie and Harley just stare at him. “It wouldn’t kill you to give me nod or something, you know,” he sighs. Harley wags his tail. “Good enough for me.” He pats him on the head and reaches for his keys. “Okay, kids, I’m off to the airport now. I don’t want to be late. God knows I’ve waited long enough.” But it’s been worth it, the voice adds and Jared can’t help but to agree wholeheartedly.

It feels even more worth it when he greets Jensen at the terminal. He looks tired, but he’s smiling widely, before leaning in and kissing him. A flock of butterflies flutter in the pit of Jared’s stomach and he’s pretty sure they’re here to stay. And this time, so is Jensen.


Download or listen to Still in love with you HERE.

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