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FLUGZEUGE IM BAUCH - Jared/Jensen, NC-17
VERTO UT BESTIA - Jared/Jensen, PG-13, crack

LAY WHERE YOU'RE LAYING, DON'T MAKE A SOUND - Jared/Jensen, PG-13, underaged


HANGMAN IS COMING DOWN FROM THE GALLOWS - Today is the last day of Dean Winchester’s life. Today is the last day of Dean Winchester’s life. Today is the last day…
AND THE COMPLICATIONS YOU COULD DO WITHOUT - Their worst fights are about kissing, which makes them the girls Dean says he is.
LIKE THIS - This is not a good place to start to the story.
AND THE MOON IS GOLD AND SILVERY - Sam worries he might just run them off the road. Late, late at night, he doesn’t worry. He wonders.
THE DEVIL REALLY DOES WEAR PRADA - What if Sam were a little more…fabulous? Jess never died, John goes missing much later, and Dean. Well. He's in for quite a surprise. (The Devil Wears Prada retold.)
RUBBER DUCKY, YOU'RE THE ONE - Turning into a bright red rubber duck isn't top on Dean's list of "Oh Shit, I Would Give Anything For This Not to Have Happened" Things, but it's definitely number two. Well, okay, maybe number three.
RES GESTAE - When Dean disappears on a hunt, the last thing Sam expects is the help of another psychic in trying to find him. The search doesn't go well, and when Dean walks back into his life, it's with news that tears the world out from under them both.
TO THE END - The world is ending, Sam has turned, and Dean stops running.
A ROSE (IN ANOTHER MAN'S GARDEN) - Sam only wants to eat green things, and Dean wants to eat cake. There's a curse, and letters are written but never sent.
THE EDIBLE MAN - Dean's going through a rough patch. Sam still has issues with green things. There's a few more letters, and a lot more sex.
ALL I WANNA DO IS MAKE A MESS OUT OF YOU - He's got Dean, who's a handful of needs barely met, a lot of wants never asked for, who's push come to shove.
LIFE IS A BANQUET (AND SOME POOR SUCKERS ARE STARVING TO DEATH) - In which Sam and Dean are cursed and hungry all the time and Dean still hates tuna fish.
AN UNUSUAL PREDICAMENT OF UTMOST IMPORT - “One day, Dean woke up as a kitten. Things went downhill from there.” TOTAL CRACK.
EURYDICE - Sam made a different kind of deal.
BACK FROM THE GREAT BEYOND (REMIX TO EURYDICE) - Sam is waiting for a sign that won't come, a sign they probably don't even need, and nothing Dean says will change his mind.
SUB ROSA - Beauty and the Beast retold.
IN MEDIAS RES - Dean meets Sam, and they fall in love. Sam leaves Dean, and they fall apart. Then Dean meets Sam, and they fall in love... (Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind retold.)
EXACT CHANGE - Sam is the physical embodiment of everything Dean has ever done right in his entire life.
A CHANGE WOULD DO YOU GOOD - Sam and Dean get cursed. But this isn't just an ordinary curse, since it rotates merrily through bodyswap, genderswap, turning into animals and... well, you'll see.
A THOUSAND SHADES OF RED - Growing up is hard. Sam knows it, can feel it beneath his skin as his bones stretch and his baby fat fades and he’s perpetually hungry.
TEEN ANTICHRIST 'VERSE (WIP) - Teen Antichrist Sammy has horns and a tail... Dean keeps his hands to himself. Barely.
STOP THINKING - There are only so many lines Sam can cross before he won’t be able to stop walking.
NEVER BE - What is and what should never be retold.
KEEP OUR MINDS ON THE SUM OF EACH OTHER - Bodyswap. Humor, but not over the top schmoop.
OR DIE TRYING - “I think we did it wrong.”
SO QUIT ASKING ME - Sam and Dean are bored on a long drive, so they decide to play a little game. Things get interesting.
PHTHONUS IN LETHE - There's only so much jealousy a guy can take, and Sam's reached his limit ...
ON PHTHONUS' ALTAR - Sam makes good on his promises ... and then some. (Sequel to Phthonus in Lethe)
PHTHONUS WAKING - It's the morning after, and Dean finally has time to panic... (Sequel to On Phthonus' Altar)
AGE OF INNOCENCE - The Winchester boys keep journals. This is Dean's.
THE YEAR OF LETTING GO - A hunt gone wrong leaves Dean Winchester barely alive, and helpless for the first time in his life.
FALLING THROUGH - Like his world is wrong in some way, for not having a Sam.
LOOK THE OTHER WAY - Dean is a cop and Sam is his no-good brother. (A MUST MUST MUST READ!)
A PRIORI - He wakes up half-blind, not able to remember anything. Then Dean Winchester shows up to complicate things.
CHAINS OF BABYLON - "It's your medication, Dean. Make sure to take all of them. Show us your tongue, Dean—don't want any cheating, do we? No, Dean, don't be silly, there's no such thing as ghosts."
THE GHOST OF SOMEBODY AT HIS SIDE - Sam goes to Stanford, and takes most of Dean's heart with him.
STRANGER THAN FICTION - Dean can't stop wondering why people would write gay porn about him and Sam. Research takes him to interesting places; re-reading the novels for subtext, visiting message boards, and a really freaky place called Livejournal. And if all that wasn't enough, they still have to try to stop Lilith and save the world.
I PUT A SPELL ON YOU (BECAUSE YOU'RE MINE) - If it weren't for Dean's huge stomach it would seem like a normal day.
IMPERFECTLY - We get a little further from perfection each year on the road.
LIFE AS WE KNOW IT - Our boys buy curtains and fall in love.
LOST INVISIBLE HERE - "Well," Dean says, ponderingly, "this is a new one."
ONLY SWEETER - Dean gets amnesia; Sam tries to use it to fix him.
THIS NOVEMBER LIFE - Sam and Dean have been saving one another for their entire lives.
EASY ON THE CLUTCH - Sam is underage, and there's... a lot of masturbation.
BEGGARS WOULD RIDE - He tells himself that the line he's crossing can be redrawn, slightly over the edge into fucked up, and isn't that where they've been living anyway since Mom died?
WORDS FOR SNOW - Sam might not be talking anymore, but he still manages to charm them all, somehow.
VERSES LIKE YOURS AND MINE - Sam and Dean are regular brothers -- no demon, no hunting, Mary's alive -- who fall in love with each other.
ON THE DODGE - . . . but once they ruled the West! (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid retold.)
THE INCESTUOUS COURTSHIP OF THE ANTICHRIST'S BRIDE - Sam is trying to become the Antichrist in order to save the world. He has a small army of angels and demons, he has an adoring cult, he has a work of prophecy by Jack Kerouac, and he has Dean. Things are going pretty well until he accidentally signs Dean up as his Beloved Consort, a role that requires sex with the Antichrist on an altar. And that's when things stop going pretty well. Also, the soundtrack to the Apocalypse sucks.
MORNING IN THE EVENING - If he was more honest with himself than he ever had been in his life, he'd admit that he'd done it because he wanted to force Sam's hand. He thought he knew what Sam would choose if it came down to it, and maybe he just needed to know for sure.
CRAZY FAITH - Sam saw the Impala in West Texas. (Sequel to Morning in the Evening)
LAST DAY ON EARTH - It's unbelievable, unacceptable in a way that's fucking galling, these goddamn fixes Sam gets them into.
ONE UNCONTROLLABLE HUNGER AWAY FROM RUIN - Here or there, Sam discovers that anywhere you go, anyone you become, you take it all with you.
THE KILLING MOON - In a post-apocalyptic world men are all that's left. Some of them have uteri. Sam Winchester is one of them.

FIVE THINGS THAT NEVER HAPPENED TO THE IMPALA - Five ways that the Impala might have lost her Dean.
THE RAVAGES OF WAR - Dean instigates a prank war, but will it get out of control? Yes, yes of course it will.
THE GAY THAT IT IS (OR: THE GAYEST GEN STORY EVER) - Inappropriate crack. Dean gets another ‘idea’, and the cliches run rampant. Flamingly rampant.
SUMMER CAMP - "I sent his brother to summer camp," he explained. "You heartless bastard," laughed the manager. "That seems to be the general consensus," John agreed.
DIMENSIONS AND VERTICALS - Sam accidentally gets Dean out of Hell. The results are something no one could have expected...
COEUR D'COEURS - Dean and Sam open a pie shop.
SENSORY DEPRIVATION - When an encounter in the woods goes wrong, the Winchester brothers are left in serious trouble.
I WILL RETURN TO YOU - It isn't love at first sight.
During his brutal confinement, Sam reaches out to his brother, even if it's only in his mind.
VOCABULARY - Given a week to define himself, Sam watches Dean.

DEATH AND THE DEFINITELY-NOT-A-MAIDEN - Cpt. Harkness meets Death. A lot. (Yeah, I know, not a SPN fic!)

LAST STOP: CHICAGOLAND - Married with kids.
SOUTHLAND TALES (CHICAGOLAND) - Jared and Jensen decide to have another baby.
PUSH - Something's off about Jared today.
THE TRUTH ABOUT HEAVEN - As Supernatural nears the end of its run, Jared and Jensen have careers and relationships waiting for them. Trouble is, all they want is each other, and a string of quiet epiphanies changes everything.
HAVE YOU SEEN HIM WHOM MY SOUL LOVES? - Matthew 26:41—"Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak." (PRIEST!FIC)
COMMON KNOWLEDGE - Jared, your fangirls. Fangirls, I believe you already know Jared. Better than he knows himself.
WASTED ON THE YOUNG - Once upon a time when Jared was five and dinosaurs roamed the earth, rubber duckies appeared out of thin air and submarines surfaced in Jensen's bathtub. Also, two very pretty boys got stuck in very sexy situations.
BUT THEN MY HOMEWORK WAS NEVER QUITE LIKE THIS - Jared’s eighteen and in his senior year at a private school in San Francisco. Jared’s gotten by all his life on his money and his charm, but Mr. Ackles seems to think he needs some... lessons in self-control.
IT'S NOT EASY - After 12 years together, 3 kids, and 2 dogs - can Jared and Jensen withstand the pressures of family and career?
SPIN THE LIGHT TO GOLD - It's Jared's first summer as a junior counselor at an idyllic summer camp, and he's looking forward to as much sun and fun as he can handle. But things don't turn out exactly as he plans, and his summer takes an interesting turn when he finds himself falling for a hot older counselor. Featuring Chad, crafts, hordes of kids, and all the summer camp cliches imaginable.
QUIET!VERSE (WIP) - Jared is an amateur pianist who unexpectedly begins to regain his confidence from his teacher’s cousin.
ATTENTION, WAL-MART SHOPPERS! - Jensen is a disgruntled uncle on a mission for the perfect tee ball mitt, Jared is the weird guy who hands out stickers at the Wal-Mart entrance – who may or may not be a little slow. He smiles a lot, okay!
TALKING ABOUT LOVE IS LIKE DANCING ABOUT ARCHITECTURE - A trio of friends encounter unlikely, unwanted, and unusual love with cowboy hats, martinis, and a whole lot of wit. (Playing By Heart retold.)
TO THE BEAT OF OUR NOISY HEARTS - Jared is a DJ at the South Texas University radio station. Jensen is a grad student with a thing for the sophomore DJ. Things happen.
FAINT STARS AND BRIGHT SATELLITE SKIES - It's a story made for Hollywood- a chance encounter between a regular, down-to-earth guy with his whole life planned out for him without a second thought and a well-known, popular movie star turns into something far bigger than either man could ever anticipate.
TRUE COLORS - Jared is a mentally challenged young man with a very special gift. Jensen is an executive with nothing in his life but work. They meet by accident and discover a connection that defies explanation.
WHO WE WERE WHEN - Jared’s a fun loving jock with hidden angst. Jensen's the new college boy who moved in next door. Two worlds collide. ( A MUST MUST MUST READ!)
ALL YOUR STRANGE LANGUAGE - Jared and Jensen go to a private school in New England. Jensen is good at languages, Jared is not. Things ensue, among them: Chad's interpretive dance, Jared's umbrella-person, Jensen's great exasperation and eventually some schmoop.
ALL THAT'S LEFT TO CHART - Jared is a hot shot MTV VJ, easygoing and affable. Jensen is a brilliant science journalist, geeky and introverted. They’re a perfect case of opposites attracting, but when they’re unable to compromise and save their relationship, the natural forces of the universe decide to intervene. They wake up in each other’s bodies in order to get a taste of their very different lives—if they don’t drive each other crazy first.
HE AIN'T KINKY, HE'S YOUR GOVERNOR - Jensen Ackles as the sluttiest, bitchiest dishwasher ever; Jared Padalecki as an earnest yet emotionally stunted political activist; Michael Rosenbaum as a balloon twister extraordinaire; Tom Welling as an aspiring porn star/fluffer; and Chad Michael Murray as Himself.
INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE - Jared's not really a nosy guy except for the times when he is.
UNDERNEATH THIS TEXAS SKY - Money can buy popularity but... For Jensen, he just wanted to be a part of the cool crowd. When star quarterback Jared needs help, Jensen sees his chance. What he gets is more than he bargained for.
WHEN YOU CARE ENOUGH TO HIT SEND - It is the touching story of how Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles met in college and hooked up and then got together and found love! And e-cards.
IN FROM THE COLD - One thing about working in a free clinic, Jared thinks, is that work is never boring. You never know what'll come in from the cold on a night like this.
SO CLOSE TO MY HEART - Dr. Jared and single-dad Jensen in Seattle, with love and complications.
SOUTH CHINA SEA - The summer of 1969. Love, war - the world in upheaval. For Marines Ackles and Padalecki, it's the beginning of a summer of life-long change.
YOUR BRAINS ARE NO MATCH FOR MY TRACTORBEAM - Jensen is a socially awkward but happy theoretical physicist, Jared is an aspiring actor, and everyone sucks at relationships pretty damn hard. (The Big Bang Theory retold.)
CONFIDENCE - Jensen Ackles is a confidence trickster and one of the best in New York City. So when he starts working on his new mark, Sandy McCoy, rich housewife to Reynolds Enterprises newest rising star, corporate lawyer Jared Padalecki, he makes the mistake of thinking it’s just going to be another easy job.
HEART OF SUMMER - Jared get's in trouble with his parents and is sent to his aunt and uncle's farm for the summer, where hard labor is expected to shape him up. Also staying at the farm is Jensen, a man who's been working for Jared's uncle for a few years.
YES SIR (I DON'T MEAN MAYBE) - The path to parenthood is full of complications for Jared and Jensen, who are forced to take part in a trendy parenting class to improve their chances at adoption. Will there be schmoop? (Spoiler: There will be schmoop.)
HEAVEN'S JUST A SIN AWAY - The first time Jared saw a ghost, he was seven years old.
SUCH GREAT HEIGHTS - Jared’s an aspiring scriptwriter who’s living in L.A., trying to save enough money to go to grad school in UCLA by having multiple jobs. One night, while working as a waiter in a WB event, he meets Jensen Ackles, who gets pulled into the celebrity auction, and, without really stopping to think, Jared bids his savings on him, and wins.
LINGERING IN THE GOLDEN GLEAM - On New Year's Eve ten years after the end of Supernatural, Jared goes to sleep in Los Angeles and wakes up in Vancouver, in bed with Jensen Ackles. And they've got kids. (The Family Man retold.)
TO TEACH THE HUMAN HEART THE KNOWLEDGE OF ITSELF - Jensen's about to finish grad school; this is his seventh and final year with the program, and performing the lead role opposite his best friend Chris might just be the highlight of his year—that is, until he arrives to find Chris missing in action, and some guy named Jared taking his place.
LOST AND FOUND - Jensen Ackles is a shy, overweight songwriter whose body issues have prevented him from forming any real personal connections, and at thirty, he’s still unsure of his sexuality, and still a virgin. But when he signs up for an experimental obesity research program, he meets Jared Padalecki, a stunningly sexy fitness guru who slowly but surely changes Jensen’s life.
DOMESTIC BLISS & OTHER OXYMORONS - Hell is living with other people.
THIS TEMPORARY LIFE - In the year 2025, Jared Padalecki gathers his daughter and son to tell them the story of how he met their father.
AND THE NEXT CHAPTER BEGINS - A look at the boys' lives after Supernatural ends.
TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY - Living in Hollywood means sometimes giving up the things you want.
THE FORTRESS OF A HIGH MIND - Jensen and Jared are seniors at an elite private boarding school, competing for the same girl, and they can't stand each other.
TOO THINK TO DRUNK STRAIGHT - Whenever Jensen gets drunk, he bakes. Mike Rosenbaum is a dick. And Jared is just drunk enough to molest Jensen without feeling guilty about it.
KEEPSAKE - Wall-E retold. But not quite.
LEGS ARE REQUIRED - Jensen is the Sea King's only son and hope to take over ruling of the Atlantis and sea. The problem is, he's fallen in love with Prince Jared, a human male. (The Little Mermaid retold.)
THE DOORS OF TIME - If he smiles they blink. If he speaks they stare. Jensen knows why. It’s the same thing that makes his dad worry and his mom cry. It’s what makes him ‘weird’.
SEVEN WISHES - Down on his luck and missing his ex-girlfriend Jared makes a deal that will change his life forever; seven wishes in exchange for his soul. But as the wishes turn bad, one after another, he starts thinking that maybe what he really wants is right in front of his eyes.
TILTED - Wandering vagabond Jared arrives in town for a temporary job rebuilding broken-down beach houses and is baffled by the reclusive nature of his downstairs neighbor Jensen.
DAILY BREAD, FOR SEVEN SUMMERS - With every passing summer, another lesson is learned. The summer of ‘74 was supposed to be the summer of love, but with his brother off at the war, it was hard for Jared to see an upside to life. That is until he meets his new step-cousin Jensen, the jaded nephew of a preacher who through the course of seven summers teaches him things to last a lifetime.
SOMEONE YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN - Jared is a secret agent and Jensen is his handler/support tech.
PUTTING MY LIFE ON THE BRINK - What Happens In Vegas retold.
UNDERNEATH THE WEIGHT OF IT ALL - Jared stopped trying to fit all the broken pieces of himself back together a long time ago. But then he meets Jensen, and he thinks it might be time to try again.
HATE, HATE, HATE, DOUBLE HATE, LOATHE ENTIRELY - Jensen hates Jared and Jared hates Jensen. If it’s opposite day.
WHAT YOU SEE ON THE OUTSIDE ISN'T ALWAYS WHAT YOU'LL FIND WITHIN - It’s a world like this one, only not quite, and Jensen has a proposition to put to a guy he’s only just met. One who just happens to be called Jared.
I'LL KEEP TOSSING ROCKS AT YOUR WINDOW - Jared Padalecki ruined Jensen's life. The life he counted on having, anyway. Ever since he finished law school, Jensen had a plan. Pass the Bar, start a practice with Jeff, and never, ever get married.
JUST ONE BREATH - Following a horrific event during filming, Jensen’s life hangs in the balance and Jared discovers what is truly important.
NEON SHOWMAN - The love story of Jared and Jensen as observed by one Chad Michael Murray.
THE ONE WITH THE QUESTIONABLE HETEROSEXUALITY - When Jensen was nine, his dad left his mom for another man. It's not like this event totally put him off homosexuality forever, but he did get annoyed when people thought he was gay.
STAINED GLASS MASQUERADE - When his life takes a turn for the worse, the offer of a job with the exclusive Mayfair Group seems like a sign that the fates are finally finding in Jared’s favor. In return for an impressive paycheck, all he is required to do is look after Charlie, who, when not Imprinted with serial killers (or serial daters) happens to be the most likable guy in the world. (Dollhouse retold.)
ONLY CONNECT... - Life doesn't allow take-backs. But sometimes there's do-overs.
THEY STUMBLE THAT RUN FAST - This is what happened to Jared Padalecki when he mixed a little Cyrano with a little Shakespeare and fell ass over feet in love with, Jensen, his Shakespeare tutor…who may have been in love with someone else.
TOPSPIN - Defending Wimbledon champion and world No. 1 tennis player Jensen Ackles is determined to hang on to his title, no matter how good Jared Padalecki, rising star on the tennis scene, thinks he is.
SAY YOU'RE MINE - It takes his two best friends getting engaged to make Jared realize what’s missing in his own life, but once he figures it out, he’s a man on a mission: find true love or die trying. (How I Met Your Mother retold.)
HE'S LOOKING AT YOU, KID - Attraction at first sight, one day, in a restaurant, between Jared and one of his guests. Shyness and misunderstandings don't make things easy.
IF YOU CARE TO STAY - Jensen's got a thing for his roommate... he just doesn't know which roommate. (The Night We Never Met retold.)
LEAVING OCTOBER - It will have been three years in October. Three years since she swallowed a handful of sleeping pills and sunk willingly to her death.
HOLLOW YEARS - Thousands of years ago Pandora's Box was opened and evil let out into the world. Now it's time for the box to be opened again and at the center of an age old prophecy stands two young men; Jared Padalecki, whose heart was broken five years ago and whose visions might prove to be the death of him, and Jensen Ackles who's spent the last five years running from the monster he's become, and the man he can't let himself love.
SO FEW WORDS - Jensen would just like to let his parents know that moving at the beginning of his senior year is so not cool. But it’s forgivable if he can get the oh so pretty Jared Padalecki to just say something to him.
SHINE ON - After a painful separation in university Jared and Jensen meet again under very different circumstances. Jensen is an up and coming film director and Jared is a successful public relations executive with a secret.
VOICE OF A GENERATION - Jared's a recent college grad with a popular blog. Jensen hires him for a 24 hour news network. They like each other. A lot.
A CERTAIN SMILE - It's 1958. Jared is the high school superstar: all-around athlete, straight-A student, and one half of the most popular couple in town. Jensen is the teen rebel, all motorcycles, hot rods, and rock ‘n’ roll. When Jared’s life veers closer to the edge, he finds Jensen waiting for him there. The collision is inevitable.
LET'S GET WRECKED ON POPTARTS AND SEX - Chad discovers fanfiction. Jared discovers Jensen. Who saw this coming besides the fangirls?
DEADSVILLE - The whole mess started in med school, but they never talked about it. And then they kept not talking about it through internships and residencies, through wives and kids. It was stupid, but they never talked about it. But eventually all that silence fills you up and something breaks. Maybe everything breaks. Brokeback Mountain with scalpels.
LIFE IN A CUBICLE: A GUIDE TO DATING A CO-WORKER - There are ten rules about interoffice dating and Jared Padalecki pretty much fails at all of them. It happens like this: Jared works in a cubicle. Jensen is the oblivious engineer. Jared meets Jensen. Jared falls in love with Jensen. Jensen… needs a little coaxing. Also starring Chad the Maintenance Guy, Danneel in Payroll, Tom as the mildly disgruntled Mail Room Guy and Mike in HR. And Misha the Receptionist? Still ruining lives. Mostly Tom’s.


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