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At [livejournal.com profile] smoothbelgian 's request, here's my teeny tiny list of Big Bangs I actually approve of. In no particular order and with no particular rating system, here they are:

1. To Teach the Human Heart the Knowledge of Itself - J2, 45 068 words ~~ I LOVED this. It's poignant and wonderful. I give it my highest recommendation.

2. A Complicated Love and Affection Between Two Men - J2, 28 942 words ~~ Simple, cute, fun. Not a masterpiece but Mike's awesome, Chad's protective, and boys fall in love.

3. Stained Glass Masquerade - J2, 42 000 words ~~ Oooh, this was GOOD. A sci-fi action story with a side of love based on Dollhouse, I believe. C'mon, you know you want to!

4. They Stumble That Run Fast - J2, 27 500 words ~~ I already rec'd this to everyone, I believe. It's a college AU and every geek's happy place with Shakespeare quotes and Jared as Cyrano (with a smaller nose, though). Funny, entertaining, cute... It'll make you feel warm all over.

5. Topspin - J2, 50 000 words ~~ Tennis, rivalry and hot, angry sex. Nuff said.

6. In retrospect (I’d rather have been a poet) - J2, 23 000 words ~~ I liked this mostly for the interaction between the boys - their dialogue is really amusing, but it's also action packed with a believable villain (I stopped reading because I got scared, I kid you not).

7. Sleepwalking Back Again - Wincest, 21 100 ~~ This will hurt you and you'll love it.

8. Know Your Damn Constituents - J2, 28 000 ~~ One of the two political BBs I've read, and even though everyone was raving about the other one, I prefer this one to it. Sue me.

9. This Temporary Life - J2, 35 900 words ~~ It's [livejournal.com profile] finn21 , okay? It's a how we met story and it's simply lovely with a side of pain and humour and domestic schmoop.

10. Lost and Found - J2, 47 000 ~~ Yes, this is that fic, the one with the wank and shit. Well, I LOVED it, it made me cry and it was GOOD.

11. The Ghost of Somebody at his Side - Wincest, 39 500 words ~~ I don't know, it had me crying mid first chapter. Broken, separated brothers tend to do that to me.

12. The incestuous courtship of the Antichrist's bride - Wincest, 48 000 ~~ Pure crack at its best. Had me laughing all along, but above all, it had me LIKING the angels. That, my friends, is the true wonder of this fic. I cannot recommend it enough.

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